Candles can help keep the romance alive

A well written piece -11 Candles That'll Light The Flame For A Sexy Night--Elite Daily by Rachel Shatto 2/9/21

"If you're looking to set the mood for a romantic evening with your special someone, nothing's more effective at creating a sexy atmosphere than the classics. Think soothing music, tasty, sensual treats, and of course, no romantic evening is complete without candlelight. You'll also want to consider the fragrance in the air and pick candles that set a sexy mood by enhancing the vibe rather than distracting from it.

What makes a candle's scent the right one for romance? It depends on your personal tastes, but, in general, you want something subtle and alluring that'll put you into a more sensual state of mind. Nothing too sweet or artificial, but with a hint of musk or citrus to add brightness. Sometimes, the most entrancing and arousing fragrance is unexpected, with exotic scents that tease your senses and put you in the mood to explore and play. ........"

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