More news from lifestyle media confirms the benefits of Adult Play

As posted on YahooLife, an excerpt from Spy

While flowers, chocolates and a fancy dinner remain ever-popular gifts for your paramour, why not try injecting a little fire into your next date night with one of the best sex games for couples?

Sex games for couples are one of the most popular ways to introduce something new into the bedroom. You can simply take an existing game you love and give it  a sexy spin, or you can embark on a whole new erotic adventure with a game
designed to ignite hot and steamy action. The best sex games for couples introduce an element of spontaneity into the bedroom, which can be a major turn-on for many couples.
The good news — and we mean very good news — is that there is no shortage of ideas for how exactly you incorporate games into your trysts between the sheets. Like any game, if one style doesn’t work or appeal to you, there are always plenty more out there...........................

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