"20 Board Games for Adults That Will Keep You Up All Night" by -Cosmopolitan's JESSICA GOODMAN, ANNABEL IWEGBUE and SARAH WELDON APR 19, 2021

"The practice of Adult Game Night™ is a precious one. There’s wine, usually some kind of three-course meal, and a cheese plate—or just pizza. All jokes aside, board games are a super fun way to bond with your friends or family while also burning about 817 different bridges in the span of an hour. I mean, we love an activity that can do both! I’m looking at you, Uno. Specifically the Draw Four card. Where did you get your power?

Sometimes though, it's nice to switch it up and try something new. Whether you're doodling, drawing cards, or moving your pawn through a haunted house, there are games for every kind of person out there. Get ready to put your minds to the test and keep your wits about you because Adult Game Night™ is about to begin."

- Cosmopolitan Magazine's 

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